Autism And Being The Best I Can Be

At the beginning of my life I believe that I was typical and something changed. Autism came in and took hold of my nervous system. The thing is, autism and my life are not so bad. My life is filled with family, friends, and purpose. I think autism and I want to be this way to educate people. The way to help is to keep reading my blogs and tell others about it. The book I am writing will be out soon on Amazon. I hope people will buy it and share it with others. I will be so thankful.

We need to help the other silent ones. I thank you for your support.

The Autumn

Perhaps the best time of year is the autumn.

Beautiful colors and aromas await the senses.

Amber, gold, red, orange, and yellow rain down from the trees and lay on the ground in a colorful blanket.

The air is crisp and cool and smells like burning wood.

At sunset the sky is crimson and gold as the sun goes down in a blaze of fire.

Animals prepare for winter as they fill their nests and burrows with food.

The world starts to settle down and get ready for a long winter’s nap.

Autumn and I are fast friends as I admire her beauty.

Autumn is a glorious artist who spreads her work for all to see.

An artist of unparalleled talent who reminds us to slow down and admire our world because her work is fleeting.

Thank you for your stunning masterpiece Autumn.

Beautiful Autism

Autistic beauty is everywhere.

Colorful showers of gold and red are dazzling before me as musical notes fill the air.

Autistic beauty is everywhere.

Details of everything I look at come into view as clear as the most polished crystal.

Autistic beauty is everywhere.

The scents of the world fill my lungs. Green grass, fall leaves, sweet cinnamon, and fresh air.

Autistic beauty is everywhere.

Warm memories come flooding back before my eyes. Golden sunsets, amusement rides, ocean waves, and nights around the fire.

Autistic beauty is everywhere.

Grateful for the beautiful side of autism and all of its memories. My life is a blessing for me and I am forever thankful for my autistic beauty.

Autistic Life

This life is a life that many can’t understand.

A life that at times I don’t even understand.

A life of isolation and loneliness.

A life of misunderstanding and frustration.

Why did God make me this way?

Why can I only watch as others live the life that I long for?

Why can I only live in a disobedient body that betrays my wishes?

Why can I only be a shell of what I really am?

Why did God play this cruel joke?

And why am I autistic?

The Symposium

Autism and I had the honor of being on a panel for a symposium hosted by Jefferson and the amazing Dr Wendy Ross. For a long time she has been a tireless advocate for people on the autism spectrum. Being on the panel was the biggest honor of my life so far and I didn’t want it to end!

There were 100 attendees listening to what I had to say! That is hard for me to wrap my head around! A non speaking autistic was being the teacher! This was a thing that I couldn’t have imagined 3 years ago! The way that they respected us was a dream of mine that I never thought would actually come true. Autism and I are eternally grateful for the opportunity.

Thank you Dr Ross!


At the moment of impact, there was a thunderous sound as bone and metal met.

Hatred and anger were the root cause of the moment that lives on.

A moment from which history was written and when time stood still.

A moment in which hatred won over love.

A moment after which we are forever changed.

Being a witness to a life changing incident creates a jagged scar that doesn’t heal.

The loved ones are held in our heavy hearts for the rest of eternity.

A memorial to a thunderous moment of when bone and metal met.

And we remember.

Statue of Liberty and Twin Towers, World Trade Center at Sunset, New York City, New Jersey, New York, designed Minoru Yamasaki

Autism And Being Happy

Autism and I are very happy most days. For a long time when I was younger, autism and I felt very down and that life was useless. It has changed now that I have a way to communicate. People put all of their eggs in one basket. They are either always being unhappy or pretending that they are happy, but they really aren’t. Autism and I are feeling like life has its ups and downs, and I think it is OK to admit that your life is not perfect but it is good anyway.

Take the first autistic person who lived a long time ago until now. Autistic people back then were locked in institutions and treated like animals. All I can think about is how they must have suffered and what an awful life they had. For autistics today life is good! Autism and I hold a job, attend an amazing program, socialize with friends, have a loving family, go to flea markets and thrift shops, and live in a comfortable home.

So I can’t speak! There are worse problems.

Autism And Synesthesia

Being autistic has some perks and one of them is synesthesia. Synesthesia is when there is an overlap in your senses. Many autistics have this as well as many artists. Basically it is when one sense is stimulated another one is too. This is beautiful sometimes. When I listen to certain music I see gorgeous colors. Elvis Presley always enables me to see gold and yellow fluttering down from the sky. Autism is amazing that way. Nat King Cole and his Christmas Song has me seeing hues of purple, maroon, and brown. Take my word for it that it is beautiful! The colors are so rich and vibrant and unlike the colors here on Earth!

It is also common for feelings to come over you when you hear certain sounds. When I hear particular musical notes I get a feeling of tingles all over my body, kind of like how you feel after a massage. Can you see why I love listening to music?

Not all autistics have this ability but I am glad I do! Being autistic and having synesthesia is the coolest part of me. I wish everyone could experience it and see a world of color!

Autistic Brain

Autistic brain, please let me move my arm and point to the letters that spell “I am thirsty.”

I need a drink and cannot tell them.

Autistic brain, please let me walk to those children and join the game they are playing.

I want a friend to play with.

Autistic brain, please let me hug my mom and let her know how much I love and appreciate her.

She looks sad today and needs some help.

Autistic brain, please keep me from hitting my teacher today.

She doesn’t know all that I already know and is just trying to teach me.

Autistic brain, please help me to stay hopeful that this life is still worth living.

I want to show the world my beautiful autistic brain.

Getting To A New Feeling Of Love

Autism and I are on a mission of love. Being autistic and unlike others can be isolating and lonely. Autism and I want to be with people and feel accepted for who we are. Being unable to speak puts us at a disadvantage for being social. For a time people thought we had no interest in others but that is not the case. All autistics would benefit from the love and friendship of others.

So lets start accepting them. When you see an autistic person out in the community say hello. Give us a smile. Tell them you know they understand everything and that they are smart. Speak directly to us, even if we are not looking at you. Know that we are there and are listening and loving you.

Autism and I are going to be listening and waiting for your love. Be generous with it because we can use all the love we can get.