Being like A Robot On The Outside

Autism and I are like a robot on the outside. For a long time autism made me seem emotionless but in reality, autism and I are filled with all kinds of feelings and emotion. People are quick to be judgmental and always find a way for us to be put in a box….”He doesn’t like that” or “He doesn’t care to be around others.” Autistic people like me hate when you do that! How would you know that if you haven’t asked us? The way we look is not the way we feel!

Robots are so misunderstood.

The Way That Autism Is Portrayed In The Media

The way that autism is portrayed in the media makes me sad sometimes. The way that we look is like we are in a crazy body, which we are, but also that we have a crazy mind, which we DON’T! I have decided that I would like an actor like Tom Cruise to portray me. I will have chiseled abs, a manly voice, and a beautiful girlfriend. I will drive a sports car and the way I will rid the world of autism doubters will be epic.

For a while the way we were viewed was even the way my own parents believed, so I don’t blame anyone. But now that you know better you need to change your mindset. Autism is the thing that will be misunderstood unless you spread the word. We need you to help us.

Now let me get back to my dream of starring in the next summer blockbuster! My leading lady is going to be Hallie Berry.

Autism After The “Awakening”

Several days ago my book “The Autistic Mind Finally Speaks” was published on Amazon and this seems to be the beginning of something big. So many people are buying it and sending messages. I am hoping that autism will now be viewed differently and autistics will be understood. My family is trying so hard for this book to be shared and autism and I are so appreciative.

Being autistic has never been something that I wanted, but now I am thinking I am glad I have it. All autistics are going to be treated differently and that will make their lives better, I hope.

At the beginning of my journey with S2C my parents said that autistics are totally silent because they are locked in a disobedient body Autism now has the ability to break free with our letterboards.

Won’t you come along with me?

The Book Is Available!

At long last I am excited to announce that my book “The Autistic Mind Finally Speaks” is available on Amazon! All profit made will be donated back to Inside Voice, which is the place where I take letterboard sessions.

At the beginning of this journey all I could hope for was that people would be aware of our capabilities and to raise awareness for Spelling To communicate. All I want to do is advocate for autistics and their families. Please consider purchasing my book! I think that you won’t be disappointed.

Forever Autistic And Forever Thankful

Being autistic is a hard road but it is made better by my family. At first autism and I were always alone and lonely, but not anymore. Autism and I are surrounded by loving family and friends and are living a purposeful life. That makes all of my hardships easier to deal with.

Yes, autism and I are together forever, but we are also forever thankful. Thankful for an amazing group of people around me. Thankful for a wondrous life. Thankful for a purpose and worthy goals. Thankful for my health so far. Thankful for a world that is beginning to accept and celebrate us. Thankful for a God that created us and made our brain so unbelievably intelligent.

Autism and I were put here for a reason and I am beginning to see why. We were put here to open peoples’ minds and hearts to a different kind of life. Autism and I are living that kind of life one day at a time.

The Times And The Memories That Make Up Our Lives

The autistic brain is an amazing thing. It is like a computer and each memory is stored in the greatest detail. Being able to remember this way is one of the best things about autism. At the first sign of my autism I was 2 1/2 years old and I think that most people don’t remember things from that young. I remember everything! The thing is that I am aware and listening even when it doesn’t look like I am. Autism and I remember going to CHOP and being diagnosed with PDD (Pervasive Developmental Disorder) that day and how devastating it was for my parents. The thing I remember most is how they were so sad and trying to research what PDD was. The term autism was not even used. The way that the doctor described it was that I was mentally retarded and that I would probably never talk. For a long time and for the next few years I believed them. But then the words that I lost started to come back! The way that I talked sounded like I was deaf, but it has improved. At first autism and I were always a pair, but now autism has lessened its hold on me.

For all of my childhood the memories I have are happy ones. We went for walks, to parties, to Lancaster to Dutch Wonderland, to story time at the library, to the playground, to all of the Christmas displays, to Linvilla Orchards in fall, and to the beach each summer. Those memories are so dear to me! The way I grew up is the way everyone should grow up. You were always aware that you were loved.

Thank you Mom and Dad.

Autism And The Way We Make The World Diverse

Being autistic and different than others has its good and bad points. Imagine a world in which everyone was the same; the same likes, the same dislikes, the same interests, and the same aversions. Yes, it might be peaceful but it would be so boring.

Variety is the spice of life!

I enjoy meeting different people with differing views on life. I think it shows me how life can be lived in so many ways. Autism and I like that we are not like everyone else and that we are put on this Earth for a reason. What that reason is will become evident as time goes on. For me, I believe that my purpose is to be an advocate for the others who don’t have a voice. Also autism and I are here to forge a path for autistics and their families. I take this as a very solemn purpose. I take this as my life’s goal. The autistics that I help will then help others.

What a beautiful legacy to leave.

The Way Autistics Are Viewed Today

Autism and I are happy to report that things today are much better for autism. At the time when I was a child, autism was rather uncommon. My mom said it was one in 10,000. Today it is about one in 50. Why is this? For me it boils down to bad luck. I don’t think it was vaccines or an infection or the environment. I think I had a genetic predisposition to it. We have anxiety and learning issues run in our family. That seems to be prevalent in families with autism. At the first sign of it I was 2 1/2. At the time you are too young to be questioned and are too young to help solve the riddle. Autism was very new back then and they weren’t so good at early intervention. The doctor I saw told my parents that the majority of autistics are mentally retarded and won’t understand anything. How wrong they were! Today I think most realize how smart we are.

Hopefully after reading my blog you will too!

Autism And The Way We Love

Autism and I love BIG! We have very strong feelings and we love very strongly. I adore my friends and family so much! Autism and I are fiercely loyal and dedicated to the people in my life. It is like a miracle that I can finally tell these important people how I feel about them. The first time I told my mom on my letterboard that I loved her was liberating. The thing is, I wanted to tell her this for 27 years! Autism and I tried but we weren’t able to.

Loving my parents, friends, and family is amazing but you want to be able to let them know how much they mean to you. I think that it is an incredible feeling! Just another one of the benefits of communication! Spreading the love!!


A night of ghosts and ghouls will be upon us.

Blood curdling screams will fill the air.

Witches cackle as they stir their brew.

Vampires awaken from their crypt and rise from the dead.

Bats fly across a full moon as owls hoot in the cool night air.

Pumpkins glow with orange eyes and toothy grins on each doorstep.

Leaves crunch underfoot as children scamper across the lawns.

Black cats with yellow eyes are hiding in the bushes and cry at the moon.

Halloween is upon us with all of its magic.

Fun and fright all in one night.

A night of Halloween horror and howls.

A night to remember for little ghosts and ghouls.

Happy Halloween