Father’s Day

This is the time of year that we celebrate our fathers. I am going to tell you about Greg Tino MD.

This man is the epitome of what all dads should be. He tells it like it is. He loves you to a passion. He works harder than anyone I know. I wish that everyone could see the way he takes care of his family. That is called love in the purest sense of the word.

So today lets celebrate our fathers and give thanks for them.

I think my dad would approve.

The thoughts of the way life throws you a curveball.

I wish I was not autistic.

There, I said it. I think life would be so much easier if I were neurotypical. I wouldn’t need to worry endlessly about trivial things like what I want to eat for dinner three weeks from now, or which library I will visit on the weekend. This is the sad truth I live in everyday. My life is made worthwhile by my family. The way they protect my dignity while pushing me to be my best is the reason I am able to write this blog! I think that some people are given choices to either spend their time lamenting their lot in life or accepting it. I believe I have chosen the latter.

I think that autism has blessings as well. Like how many of you can see beautiful colors when you listen to music or experience thoughts and memories so vivid it is like you are right there again! That I would not trade for anything.

This is my life and I will make the best of it.

My First Post

I want to introduce myself.

My name is Gregory Tino and for the first 24 years of my life I was silently locked into a world that underestimated me.

My world changed drastically in May of 2017 when I met Elizabeth Vosseller. She showed me what was possible using a letterboard. I will thank her until the end of time!

This blog is my dream come true. I can now show people that I am intelligent! I want to be a children’s writer someday.

This is one of my first poems….

The Autistic Mind
You are hearing the sound of cymbals in your ears.
You are feeling them thump in your chest.
You are tasting sour lemons on your tongue.
You are seeing bright light flashing in your eyes.
You are smelling thick black smoke in your nostrils.
This is your world every moment of every day when you are autistic.
This is the world I would like to flee yet there is no way to do so.
This is the autistic mind.

Thank you for following along on my journey.